Jerry's Capitol Journal
"Ramping Up!"

It is less than two weeks until we return to Topeka on January 7th for the 2018 session of the Kansas Legislature. You may have wondered what a legislator does between sessions -- I can attest that the answer is a lot! 
Time has flown by since we let out last June. Part of the reason for this is the number of organizational meetings, constituent forums and community meetings I have attended between sessions. I have responded to hundreds of constituent calls, e-mails and requests for information and assistance. I have also done the extensive research and study it takes to keep up to date on the education, economic development, healthcare and other issues that will drive the 2018 session. This has taken an extraordinary amount of time and I have valued and enjoyed every moment of it!
Just since Thanksgiving I have represented the 21st District by attending:
·        A Public Policy Forum at the Matt Ross Center
·        A two day session in Topeka representing the House Commerce Committee on the combined Interim House and Senate Commerce Committee.
·        A meeting of the Greater Kansas City Building & Construction Trades Council
·        A meeting with the leadership of the Kansas & Missouri United Auto Workers to discuss how to bring more high paying jobs to Kansas
·        A two day session with the House Democratic Caucus to discuss and plan how to best address the major issues coming up in the House in 2018
·        A meeting with the Executive Director of the Mainstream Coalition
·        A meeting with the Executive Director of the Johnson Council Arts Council
·        A meeting with representatives from Shawnee Mission Medical Center
·        A meeting with representatives from Saint Luke’s Health System
·        A meeting hosted by the League of Women Voters
·        A meeting with the leadership of the University of Kansas Medical Center
·        A meeting of the Johnson County Commission where I testified on behalf of the arts community and their major contribution to local economic development
·        A meeting of the Mainstream Coalition on issues facing the LGBTQ community
·        A meeting with an executive from the Greater Kansas City Chamber
·        A meeting at the Kansas Contractors Association in Topeka
·        A meeting with the President of JCCC to discuss issues they would like to see addressed in the next session.
·        A meeting with the Kansas Pharmacist’s Association
·        A meeting with the Northeast Johnson County Chamber of Commerce
·        A meeting with government relations executives from Hallmark
It has been a privilege to attend these meetings on behalf of the people of the 21st District and I take that responsibility very seriously. The best part of this job has been getting to know and interact with so many of my constituents and to be in a position to work on their behalf in Topeka.  We all share common concerns for the public schools that are such an asset for the future of our children and to our community.  We all want adequate, available and affordable healthcare for all of our citizens.  We want to see our communities and state rebuild and sustain a strong economy that provides good paying jobs and funds a tax structure that is fair and applied equally to all sectors of our economy.  These have been, and will continue to be, the issues I will fight for in Topeka.
I want to, again, thank the people of the 21st District for their support, for their questions and for their suggestions concerning the issues facing our communities and our state. I value your input and it is an essential part of my being able to provide you with the best representation possible in Topeka. I will be working hard on your behalf and to keep you informed and let you know how you can help. Please don’t ever hesitate to get in touch. 
Thank you for your support,

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