Dear friends and neighbors -

Throughout this long election cycle, you have stood by Jerry. You have made calls. You have knocked on doors. You have placed yard signs. You have given financially. You have made a difference.

Two weeks ago, we asked you to help us raise $5,000 to make the final sprint to Election Day. In only 14 days, we have already received over $2,800. That money goes directly to reaching voters and spreading the word about our campaign in these critical final days, and we are now so close to our final $5,000 goal.


We are grateful for all of the support you have shown Jerry. It has energized the campaign and the community. Jerry continues to tirelessly canvass – spending hours a day personally meeting with voters. And endorsements from across the district keep coming. Organizations such as Kansas Families for Education, the American Federation of Teachers and the Sierra Club, among others, are the latest to have backed Jerry. They join a long list of individuals and organizations that support our campaign.


We are in the homestretch. Over the next two weeks, we will work hard to ensure we send a strong, experienced, dedicated voice of change and reason to represent us in Topeka and stand up against the dangerous policies of Gov. Sam Brownback. Please consider contributing financially to our efforts and pushing us to our $5,000 goal.

Thank you for standing with Jerry,

Jerry for Kansas